The popularity of Al Bayt stadium is worldwide. Even FIFA World Cup 2022 will be conducting its matches in Al Bayt Stadium. The world has come to admire Bayt Stadium because of the many sustainable features that welcome spectators within the stadium. There are 30 football fields. This stadium's design was inspired by the 'bayt al sha'ar' of the Arab nomads (traditional tents). Al Bayt Stadium will host the first World Cup game in 2022 as well.

The Al Bayt Park, which was opened in February 2020, is connected to the stadium. There are a lot of kid-friendly playgrounds, breathtaking views, lush gardens, pathways, exercise equipment, running and cycling routes, water features, boat rentals, and plenty of parking spaces in this park. It is a great place for individuals of all ages to relax or exercise throughout the year. In this ideal setting, the entire family can spend quality time together.

The park played host to the first Al Khor Carnival in 2021. The main attractions during the Al Khor Carnival in Qatar were amusement parks, events, and shopping. The carnival will also feature cultural and artistic performances and wonderful food for all attendees. Major national food trucks and chains tantalize carnival goers' palates in this carnival.

How to explore Al Bayt Stadium?

  • The artificial lake has 19,907 square meters of space in the park's middle. Diverse species are seen swimming, including herons, ducks, and geese, while stilt birds are frequently seen wading along the lake's edge. Kayaks, pedal boats, and rough boats are all available for use on the lake.
  • More than 1,000 trees of various varieties have been planted in the area. Educate yourself as you relax in nature by reading information marked on each tree, such as its scientific name, age when planted, the country or location in Qatar from where the tree originated, etc.
  • You can visit a pool with 32 floating trees if you enjoy taking pictures. Any time of day or night is a fantastic opportunity to snap shots of this location.
  • Three play areas are available for kids at the park. Children aged 12 and under are welcome in the space all day long.
  • Al Bayt Stadium Park encourages leading a healthy lifestyle and provides free use of its fitness facilities. Seven outdoor gyms are scattered throughout the park that offers workout aficionados, sit-up benches, monkey bars, and stationary bicycles.
  • The park features two volleyball courts, four tennis courts, four basketball courts, and ten football practice grounds. These facilities can be used for training as well as amateur and professional sports.
  • There are tracks throughout the park appropriate for a range of activities. The black track is for cycling, while the red track is for strolling, jogging, and running. Both adults and children can use electric scooters on the black tracks.
  • The park is filled with restaurants and food stands. Al Mandarin, Lamazani Grill, and Stag Cafe are open for the comfort of park guests.
  • McDonald's has a unique style and resembles a tent from Qatar. People frequently go there to satisfy their cravings for junk food.
  • The park is surrounded by 54 light posts. By using solar power, the park upholds its commitment to sustainability.
  • A small horse and camel pasture with numerous barns are present. Take your children on camel or equestrian rides. more more

Address of Al Bayt Stadium

Al Khor, Qatar

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