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The Al Khor mall, the only large shopping center in the city, is one of the best locations to visit in Al Khor for a great shopping experience. It is proud of its many retail stores and dining establishments. The mall has a total area of 55,016.67 square meters to satisfy all of your shopping requirements by providing items for clothing, home decor, groceries, and cosmetics. This stands out as a unique attraction for entertainment and fun because it was built with a touch of Arabic architecture and equipped with current technology.

Shop from more than 100 boutiques or dine at the mall's restaurants to sample the best cuisine. In actuality, visitors to the Al Khor mall may enjoy a magnificent theater facility in addition to the shopping experience. Additionally, it has several spas and salons for leisure.

What's best? The mall is home to several international retailers, a fantastic delight for customers. Visitors to this location don't need to worry about parking problems and can enjoy their time at the mall thanks to its spacious parking facilities, which can hold up to 1000 vehicles at once.

The Al Khor Mall may be your one-stop location for a top-notch shopping experience in the city if you're in Al Khor and wondering where to go shopping in the area.

How to explore Al-Khor Mall?

  • For Shopping:

The shops here don't only sell fashion necessities; hundreds of establishments display everything from regular clothing to designer labels, international brands, and high-end accessories.

Traditional clothing, maternity and child care, footwear, accessories, bags, watches, sunglasses, and more are all sold here.

Don't miss the jewelry selection chosen from Asia's top brand names. Every shopper here is captivated by the genuine designs and beautiful stones.

Al Khor Mall is home to the top brands in cosmetics, including items for daily use, haircare, skincare, and other cosmetics. The selection has everything you need to enhance your everyday appearance and compliment your sense of style, from perfumes to body shop products.

Discover the selection at Lulu Hypermarket, located on the mall's first level and offers a wonderful shopping experience.

  • For Cinema:

One of the popular theaters in the city is CINECO 3 Cinema. The movie theater strives for client happiness and has upgraded technologies in line with current trends. The newest 4K digital projection technology is used in all the theaters for an excellent movie experience on the silver screens for 2D and 3D films.

  • For Dining:

Some of the most popular restaurants in the mall are Batteel Cafe, Ginger Club, Bombay Chowpatty, Chilis, Chowking, Dunkin Donuts, KFC, Pizza Hut, Shater Abbas, Saravanaa Bhavan, etc.

  • For entertainment:

For children aged 1 to 12, Fun Ville is the best playroom. Fun Ville plays a crucial role in society by giving kids a venue for social contact and active play in a secure, safe, and easily accessible location.

For kids ages 0 to 4, the Fun n Learn section offers physical and cerebral growth opportunities. It is the best learning center for younger kids.

PlayZone offers a secure environment where people may run, jump, climb, slide, and have fun.

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Address of Al Khor Mall

Al Khor Qatar

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