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Khalifa International Stadium

Khalifa International Stadium

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The Khalifa International Stadium, built in Al Rayyan in 1976, has long been the focal point of the nation's sporting heritage and the key to its bright future. The Asian Games, the Arabian Gulf Cup, and the AFC Asian Cup were formerly hosted at this accomplished 40,000-seat venue, among other renowned events. It has evolved into a deserving representative for the Middle East, standing for sporting brilliance in all its aspects.

Thanks to its distinct terrain and cutting-edge transportation systems, it is the most well-connected international football competition ever. The double arches that stand out from the horizon and draw Middle Eastern and Asian football fans to the Khalifa Stadium have always been one of its most identifiable features. This adds to understanding how this location values its past while building an exciting future.

Things to do at Khalifa International Stadium:

  • Strategic location to cater to all needs: The stadium is conveniently placed 10 kilometers from the city center and provides supporters with 40,000 seats. It is a component of a bigger development that also has Qatar's indoor aquatics arena and center.
  • Training and development: In recent chapters of its history, this seasoned stadium has assisted in developing the glittering Aspire Zone, which has grown to become a center of sporting excellence on a global scale. Aspire Academy, located near Aspetar, the largest indoor multi-sport facility in the world and the world's top orthopedic and sports medicine hospital, is where Qatar's future generation of talent is being developed.
  • Collaborations for mutual benefits: The futuristic new neighbors of Khalifa International Stadium have assimilated into the community and brought with them a bold goal and a genuine desire to achieve global development through sporting innovation. The tools and ideas developed at Khalifa International Stadium are already improving the game and people's lives.
  • Diversification and expansion: A new building was built on the east wing, an Olympic sports museum was built, and a single roof covering the entire seating area was constructed as part of the historic stadium's extensive makeover to fulfill the specifications and standards of the FIFA World Cup stadiums.
  • Nearby Attractions: The Torch Doha hotel in the Aspire Tower, an impressive skyscraper, is one of the most eye-catching additions. It overlooks the sand and, at its coronation, displays the fabled flame.
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Address of Khalifa International Stadium

Doha Ring Road, Doha Qatar

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