The Pearl Monument

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The Pearl Monument is situated on Corniche Street, just outside Dhow Harbor. The fountain sculpture shows a giant open oyster holding a colossal pearl in its mouth.

Things to do at Pearl Monument:

  • Click Instagram-worthy pictures to let others swoon over: This fountain honors Qatar's pearling heritage and makes for a great photo opportunity at night when it lights up. A vast open oyster has a gradual water flow that causes a fountain of water to descend from the lower shell's lip. Most noticeably, a shining pearl rests in the oyster's middle. Visit the Pearl Monument throughout the day to take pictures of it as you pass by while seeing other nearby famous sights. Come back at night when the pearl and its shell will be dazzlingly illuminated.
  • Discover the background of the local pearl diving industry: Continue another mile (1.6 kilometers) to the east along the Corniche to reach the National Museum of Qatar for further details and exhibits about the pearl industry. This outstanding museum, shaped like a desert rose, featuring displays on Qatar's wildlife, nomadic people, and the country's shift to an oil-based economy in the late 1900s. Watch the movie Nafas, which explores the risky profession of pearl diving. The museum's Pearl Carpet of Baroda, commissioned in 1865, is covered in more than 1.5 million seed pearls collected by divers in the Persian Gulf.
  • There is a treasure trove of knowledge at every coordinate: Turn west while standing at the monument to observe the gleaming skyline of Doha. Visit the Museum of Islamic Art by traveling north. To reach the Souq Waqif marketplace, travel south. To learn more about the regional culture, turn to the east and stop by the Abdulla Bin Zaid Al Mahmoud Islamic Cultural Center.
  • Detour after the long and educative retreat: The charming environment around Peral Monument is the primary draw. There are beautiful beaches and places to sit when the sea is between you and the stunning Doha skyline. There are also several expensive restaurants where you can take advantage of the fantastic view without enduring the heat.
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Address of The Pearl Monument

Al Corniche Street, Doha, Qatar

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